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Alaskan Adventure Trips

Incomparable to any other location on the planet, Alaska will grab hold of a person leaving them changed. Do you seek to conquer a wilderness frontier unknown to civilization? Do you desire an experience of wilderness discovery and relaxation? The rugged, yet pristine landscapes of the Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains offer an experience of a lifetime.

Plan your trip to Stephan Lake Lodge and experience Alaska’s true wilderness beauty and natural surroundings.

Alaskan Adventures at Stephan Lake Lodge:

Wildlife and Bird Viewing

See Alaskan brown/grizzly and black bears in their natural habitats. View brown bears feasting on salmon in our own private 12-mile Salmon run and black bears scavenging for berries in the majestic Talkeetna Mountain terrain. With an abundant population of bald eagle, waterfowl, ptarmigan, owls, and many other species, bird enthusiasts will truly enjoy birding at Stephan Lake Lodge.

White Water Rafting

Stephan Lake Lodge offers white water rafting on the Susitna and Talkeetna Rivers. Both rivers offer slow-paced currents for beginners and fast-paced class 5 rapids for the experienced thrill seekers. Both rivers offer spectacular views of Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains. Hunters, bring your rifle and hunt while rafting!

Guided Hiking Treks & Eco-tours [READ MORE]

To accommodate all activity levels, we offer several guided hikes and eco-tours, from low impact to strenuous. Whether you would like to walk a leisurely valley meadow or take on a full day mountain hike, you will experience the exhilarating summits and breathtaking panoramas our region has to offer.

Denali / Mount McKinley Flight Tours

Stephan Lake Lodge offers private flight tours of Alaska’s famous Mt. McKinley and the glaciers of Denali National Park. Fly out from Stephan Lake by bush plane and experience a Denali flightseeing tour of the last wilderness areas untouched by modern man: over six million acres of open alpine tundra, wildlife, mile high granite gorges, ancient blue glaciers and endless icy peaks.

Gold Mining & Prospecting

Alaska has a history “rich” with gold mining and prospecting. The Talkeetna River near Stephan Lake Lodge was a particularly popular location for miners during the gold-rush era. From amateurs to professional prospectors in search of riches, Stephan Lake Lodge offers an abundant number of remote, untouched promising locations for an exciting gold prospecting experience.

Aurora Borealis / Alaska Northern Light Viewing

Every traveler’s life list should include viewing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena. Ideal viewing conditions are crisp, cold, clear, and cloudless skies with little light. You can see this most impressive light show–lasting from a few minutes to several days.